KC Kat Creative is now Artsci Studio!

Hey hi hello! I’m writing this to tell you that we’ve done a bit of a switcheroo! A renaming and rebrand if you will! I wanted to write this all out to let you know why.

There are two main reasons I’ve decided to do this and they’re related:

  1. I don’t want my name to be the name of my business
  2. I want to build something that goes beyond just me

Let’s get into it.

“KC Katalbas”

When I started freelance web design and development, I did it without much of a long term plan. It was deep in the doldrums of 2020 pandemic times and I spun things up under the name KC Kat Creative. It had my name but easier to pronounce, had the word Cat in it which I loved, and ultimately was a perfectly fine move for a budding freelancer who wasn’t quite sure what was next.

I found out over the years that I really like running a small business! It’s something I never would have seen myself doing, but in retrospect fits me pretty well. I had always run side hustles throughout my life from creating educational youtube series to selling my paintings at coffee shops. Once I started freelancing full time, it felt like a natural fit.

But something you should know about me is that before I did any web design or development, I have been a singer songwriter for the past decade. When I meet new people outside my work world, I introduce myself as a singer songwriter. It’s the thing that I feel defines me the best.  When I write music, I feel like myself.

Practically, I’ve already built up a music following under my name “KC Katalbas”. It’s definitely still possible to be “KC Katalbas - singer songwriter”, and “KC Katalbas - web designer and developer”, but the work I’ve created as a songwriter is deeply personal to my life. Having KC Kat Creative be the name for this business felt like stretching some of those more personal parts of my life into my business.

I know in a sense, all the pieces of my life will blend together from songwriting, to the astronomy education parts, to my business. But it’s helpful for me to focus on them as separate things, so I want to treat them as separate things. Which brings me to the other reason for renaming.

Beyond just me

I don’t have dreams of being very famous or of being remembered long after I am gone, but I do have dreams of building something very good and helpful while I am here that builds up the communities and people around me.

One of my beliefs as someone who is both an artist and a science person is that art people and the science people have a lot to share and learn from each other. Creativity, curiosity, and storytelling are all important values that both artists and scientists share. Ever since working in the planetarium, a place so engrained in both artistic and scientific wonder, I’ve known I want that connection to be a driving force of whatever I’m doing.

I’ve been building this business around that belief for a while now. Design is one of those industries that so many people at that intersection of art and science are drawn to. It has the heart and empathetic strengths of artists while having the technical considerations and analytical processes of a scientist.

As I considered a new name for my business, Artsci felt pretty on the nose. But I also couldn’t think of anything else I liked more, so here we are!

What is Artsci?

Artsci is a web design and development studio run by me, KC Katalbas, and a small collection of other incredible freelance designers and developers. We design websites, we build them in Webflow, and we teach other people how to do the same. We lead every project with empathy and curiosity. We’re lighthearted, forward-thinking, here to teach, and here to learn.

What now?

Things are mostly the same! We still offer stellar web design and development in Webflow, but with a bit more educational content. As we move forward we’re dipping our toes into the SEO world as well. We also have found so much value in being a part of the Webflow community and creating fun YouTube videos for you all, so you can expect more of that as we go into this new season too.

Thanks for reading to the end! Excited to keep moving forward!